(in-depth studies on specific aspects of the cultural environment of the Great Knot)
  History: Criteria

Period Histories

  1875 "The Pearl"
  1770 Earliest History
  1880 Town History
  1905 Picturesque Ulster
  1911 Centennial Program

Studies and Essays

  2006 Great Knot Site History
  2014 Cantine Island History
  2014 Mills of Saugerties History
  Guidelines for Historic Preservation

Interpretive Graphics

  Mapping the Journal of the Discovery
  Natives of the Esopus Territory
  Creation of the Colonial Town of Kingston
  Revolutionary War Burning of Kingston
  Creation of the Commons Classes
  Mapping the Kingston Commons
  early 1800's economy
  an admonition
This section has a wealth of information scanned from rare publications and re-published on Issuu and Yumpu. In many cases these are transcriptions from hand written originals. You won't really know anything until you read them.
I get the idea that when you're on the Internet words are "page" or "screen" fillers to you... gibberish bloating your GUI.
Large blocks of words are just plain suspect to you. If the content was worth anything, the message would be in pictures or speech. You want to "wait for the movie".
But the great gift of your mind evolved to respond to stimuli as symbol. Reading is learned as symbol recognition. Visual and auditory messages are channeled to the senses – vastly more primal as a trigger for thought.
It's absurd that you actually need to imagine being read to as you read? This need to have written thought fed out in bullet points in a three-fold throwaway, or a banner, is, in a word, DUMB!
“Intellectually challenged” once implied baseness. Now it has become a choice. “Key words” have brought the tools of the information age to the ignoble state where they are simply a medium for bypassing the onus of the difficult.
Writing is what captures thought, not buzz words. Thought exists in the domain of the written word. Every invention and innovation sprung first through the conceptual art of writing. No concept exists without being written first.
Making writing conform to a low standard stifles the very humanity you doubtlessly think you possess. The last time that humanity was stifled was when doctrine triumphed over science, mathematics, philosophy and history - the dark ages. That's what the critique “too long; didn't read” (tldr) leads to: a breeding of ignorance by the dismissal of curiosity and the demeaning of the pursuit of knowledge.
You probably skipped to this last paragraph just to see how long this was, so this is the take-away... the “graphics” in Graphic User Interface (GUI) are the alphabetical characters words are made from – text. Your demand for pictures is not what the Internet was made for, and is TOTALLY inefficient and demeaning to the Internet as a resource. Regardless, this site has a purpose to make pictures fit the original conceptual and technological intent of the Internet. But you won't be able to understand these pictures if you can't exercise your ability to read and that's why this very special section is here.