the forgotten mills

The Guidelines publication I developed for the Historic Preservation Commission and the Historic Review Board was the first PDF I streamed over the Danish service

The Guidelines are an illustrated book that matches history to homes and buildings from different periods and recommends ways for their safekeeping.

Since that streamed so well and I had purposely made its 200+ illustrations a resolution for good quality printing I decided to push the envelope and see how much digital content I could squeeze into extremely high resolution images and see how they streamed in files of up to 100 meg in size.

This 16 page study of The Forgotten Mills of Saugerties uses interpretive images I selected for a talk I'm to present at Lifespring in a few weeks, on October 22nd.

This "weblet" introduces this work as one of a series of web products for distributing a portfolio of publications I've created that interprete the history of Saugerties. Those I introduced before this I will likely redesign in light of this success.

This "weblet" introduces this work within a broader series of web products that distribute a portfolio of publications I'm creating to interprete the history of Saugerties.

This is a web production of Michael Sullivan Smith. It's distributed free of commercial or government platforms from the Cloud. If you find it informative you may be a patron by visiting the link on this introduction page. There you will find a list of interesting creations such as this to add to your electronic collection.
The file burns a lot of bandwidth every time it is pulled down from the cloud. Patrons help me pay for this service so that you can save this file from the cloud into your computer. The PDF from this streaming file can be downloaded to your computer. The only good thing to come out of commercial dominance of the Internet is the power it needed in your personal computer to pull off this dominance. Please use what you have and save energy. Save the PDF to your computer if you're going to study this file.

The Great Knot, April 27, 2011

Michael Sullivan Smith, 2015
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