In 1911 Saugerties turned one century old. A centennial committee was formed, speakers were chosen, a parade was organized and a commemorative book was printed. This book became an heirloom and probably ended up in the attic of many a house built in those 100 years since the town was founded.

From time to time this book shows up at a used book store or a church fair or is part of a donation to the library or the historical society. They are usually in fairly good condition and are real collectors items. But they don't last long if passed around for research.

This one was in the reference materials of town historian Audrey Klinkenberg. It was digitized as part of a group of similar books, including The Pearl, for a CD called "The Essential Saugerties". It is offered here as a taste of how Saugerties had grown in the three dozen years since the information we have from The Pearl began this journey of building a knowledge base for a historic community.

The compiler of this book, Ernest Hassinger, was an avid scrapbooker and his works are not just a background for the profiles it contains but a personal “take” of the history of his time.

This is sent out as a streamed document upon the suggestion of Chester Hartwell who put the previous streaming of The Pearl up on his I Like Saugerties Facebook page and had a response that prompted the request.

This "weblet" introduces this work as one of a series of web products for distributing as a portfolio of publications developed over time that add to our knowledge base on the history of Saugerties.

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The Great Knot, April 27, 2011

Michael Sullivan Smith, 2015
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