The Great Knot is a conduit to the imagination; an allusion to a premise as an art work.

Imagine the Great Knot is a message. Imagine that it is actually the diviner of an ancient presence that merged with the elements two centuries ago.

The Great Knot is made of a quarry that has exposed a third of a billion years of geological time. The site of the Great Knot is but one of hundreds of points of enigmatic exposures where blocks and slabs were carved from the native bedrock. Imagine that the Great Knot identifies the essence of a mystical character these exposures have released that makes this a special environment.

This web site analyses this environment, and documents the superficial developments that created its man-made land forms as nature's form was molded to man's will.

It uses history to examine a mystical presence that was literally unearthed into an era of transcendental beliefs and still resonates in the individuality these beliefs embraced. It seeks out a context for this elusive presence ln the inspirational energy found in a century of records to show how this was responsible for a quality of change that fused imagination with inspiration as a sense of place here forever.

The Great Knot's site specific character and its context within the broader environment is one comprehensive art project. The Great Knot is presented as an allusion to the act of awareness of inspiration and the intent of the art on this web site is to highlight a unique quality of place by pointing out its presence in the many other locations of inspired activity through maps and narratives.

The Great Knot in its Environment

The Great Knot, April 27, 2011

Michael Sullivan Smith, 2015
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